The humorous discovery I made on News Engagement Day

Logo taken from

The first annual News Engagement day on Oct. 7th brought my Social Media class together to create a site showcasing our blogs on lesser-known news outlets. The news outlets were each dedicated to five different beats including news, tech news, sports, life style, and entertainment.

Throughout the day we each shared our blogs through various social media channels including Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.

This lead to my favorite discovery of the day, Sportspickle, a sports news site dedicated to showing the funny side of sports.

Sportspickle, “the sports humor and satire site,” has been giving sports fans a different view of sports stories since 2001. Logo taken from

Fans of sports will definitely appreciate Sportspickle’s less dramatic and tense take on the current sports stories. Their writers share their sarcastic and humorous sports stories through blogs, videos, pictures, that cover all major sports leagues.

Without News Engagement day I don’t know if I would ever come across this awesome site.

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication helped start a special thing for the journalism industry. It was an awing experience to log onto Twitter and interact with different users participating in News Engagement Day.

There were a lot of other cool specialized sites I discovered like, Consequence of Sound, that I’m sure will continue to grow in popularity thanks to days like this.

I hope AEJMC continues this tradition and maybe next year I can find another news site that brings as much humor as the Sportspickle.


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