Foursquare, the location based social network #J398


Are you a fan of Twitter, Facebook and Yelp?

Then you will probably enjoy Foursquare’s unique platform of combining content sharing and location check-in.

Foursquare is a great location based social network game that allows users to check into locations, share what they are doing, leave tips and reviews about the location.

However, under the surface Foursquare is a fun and addicting game that lets you collect badges and become mayor of a specific location. Users earn badges by visiting locations at unique times and become mayor after checking into a location more times than previous users in a set amount of time. This helps bring the competitive fun nature out of Foursquare users.

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Here’s how to get started on Foursquare:

  1. Create account with either your Facebook or e-mail.
  2. Search for a place you might want to go to get food, entertainment, or shopping and head over there.
  3. Check-in with the Foursquare app.
  4. Leave a tip or review to earn points or badge.
  5. Continue visiting your favorite places to become mayor or try other places to earn more badges.
  6. Build up your follower list by following other users and inviting your Facebook friends.

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